ORYCON Mail-In Artwork Procedures and Tips

You are sending your artwork to the OryCon Art Show. Here is the information which you need to read and follow. Much of this is standard for those of you who have sent work to many art shows, but there is always a first time for someone.
  1. Please fill out the enclosed control sheets and bid sheets and enclose them with your artwork. Check to be sure that the titles/prices, etc. match on control sheets and bid sheets. Prices should be in whole dollars only. Please print as legibly as possible. (If we can't understand title, price, media or if there are discrepancies, we can't display that item unless we can contact you to check on it.) Control sheets can be photocopied if you need more. Write or call us if you have questions, concerns, need more forms, etc. [(503) 684-7239 - evenings are best, but there's a recorder on during the day or e-mail at wombat@easystreet.com.]

  2. Label all artwork with title/date/price and your name and artist number where possible. For small items such as jewelry or other 3-D artwork where individual labeling is not feasible please send a sheet with clear descriptions of each and/or code the pieces in some fashion.

  3. Please send your artwork to arrive no later than Monday November 12th - to make sure that it arrives well before the start of OryCon.

  4. If you know your art will not arrive until the week before the convention Please ship via US Postal, because if UPS is used and we are not there to receive it, the art will not be available for pickup or delivery until the next business day. Please make sure that it arrives absolutely no later than the Wednesday before the convention as we will be at the Hotel and not available to pickup or receive art. If your artwork arrives late, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get it to the convention. In the past, we have had artwork arrive after the convention. Please give us a call or e-mail at the above address if it is going to be late.

  5. Please pack your artwork carefully. (We will inspect it all very carefully when opening the packages and call you if there are any signs of damage.) Remember to check with your carrier about insurance.

  6. Label the shipping packages with your name and address on each one. If you use more than one package, please indicate how many - i.e. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. While we hope that you sell all the artwork that you sent and all we need to send back is a check, this is not always the case. If your artwork needs to be packed in a special way such as certain pieces in certain packages, please include that information on a separate sheet. It's not always obvious after the show which pieces came from which cartons. Also please let us know if you want your shipping containers sent back if all your artwork sells.

  7. Please tell us how you want your work returned - mail, UPS, Federal Express, etc. and provide adequate return "postage" (and insurance). If this information is not provided, we will use our own judgment and probably the cheapest (slowest) carrier. Refunds of surplus postage will be included in payment checks to artists. Likewise, we will deduct return shipping costs from your sales if you did not provide adequate postage. (Reminder: half of the $15 handling fee will be refunded if all your work sells.)

  8. DO NOT SEND ANY ARTWORK TO THE ORYCON POST OFFICE BOX!!! You will be sending your artwork directly to my house since there will be someone available to receive packages during the day. The address is:

    OryCon 29 Art Show
    c/o Melvin Krehbiel
    7582 SW Hunziker Rd. #29
    Tigard, OR 97223

  9. Feel free to send us a suggested display layout of your artwork. Remember panel space is 4 x 4 feet, table space is 4 x 2 feet, and you need to allow for placement of bid sheets next to your pieces.

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