Introducing GAMIX (game-iks), the new open-source role-playing game you've all been waiting for!

   Whatever an open-source RPG is, I'm inventing one, because I was getting tired of some of the short-comings of the games that are available. I decided to remedy the problems that I see in most RPG's, steal the elements that I do like, and slap it all together into something that can actually be played. I got some ideas from my friends, especially many hours of drunken consultation with my buddy Stu.

   That's where the open-source thing comes in. I don't have time, and I don't have a battery of play-testers to make sure that all my details work out ok. So, I've asked Stu to help out again. We're putting up this web-site with all the rules on it. I'm calling this an open-source game for the same reason that Linux is an open-source operating system. I'm hoping that the game will grow from the combined effort of thousands (or at least a dozen) folks criticizing it, talking about it and adding to it. I've already invited my friend Erik Gorka to add a module with rules describing how to translate aikido into gamix (Gorka's got a black belt in aikido - which means you'd probably better call him MR. Gorka), and as soon as I can find a copy of 1st ed. D&D, I'm planning to translate that into Gamix as well, just to see how it works (I lost my copy in one of my moves. Anyone got a spare?) For use-permissions, see the note at the bottom of this letter.

   That said, I strongly urge -- beg! -- people to read the rules, try it out and e-mail me any suggestions or additions. It's a quick read, because I haven't gotten very far. What I have now is just the kernel of the game - the basic combat system and the skeleton of character generation. I designed it to be fast (I hope), internally consistent, universally flexible (it should work equally well as a space-based game or a magic-based game or what-have you), relatively simple to understand and reasonably accurate. Actually, that last point could use some explaining. I'm not sure that every stat I have in there is accurate (how much damage does a shotgun do?) and I have also left some blanks (how far can a pistol throw a bullet?) but I think the underlying grammar of the system is accurate. And toward that end, I have a surprise for you: I got rid of dmaage rolls. Gone. Damage in this game is entirely dependant on the success of the to-hit roll.

Take a look! If I like your suggestions, I'll add them in. There're plenty of holes to patch up.

The game rules described on these pages remain the property of Eric P. Katz, however, I hearby give anyone permission to download any or all of these rules for their own personal use, free of charge. I do not give permission for anyone to reproduce these rules for the purposes of making money, nor do I grant permission for anyone to reproduce this web-page (or its contents) on the world wide web for any purpose without my express written permission. In general, permission is granted only to make single copies of the game for the purposes of playing, playtesting or criticizing it. Any additions made to this game and posted on this site, based on the suggestions of others will be considered integral to the game-rules described herein and the also property of Eric P. Katz.

Jeez, that sounds authoritarian. Oh well.

Eric P. Katz

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